Thursday, June 10, 2010


Not far from where the story began, the employees of Chapters welcomed Jennifer Maruno to their store at Grenville and Broadway in Vancouver on May 21, 2010. Many of the customers knew families that had the same experience as the Minigawa family in her novel When the Cherry Blossoms Fell.

On May 28, The students of Mount Albert Public School, York Region District School Board, enjoyed a spring walk to the Mount Allison Community Centre. Here, in honour of Asian Heritage Month, they visited with author Jennifer Maruno. Jennifer related the family history of Michiko Minigawa, the 9 year-old girl central to the story of When the Cherry Blossoms Fell. The students also asked questions about being an author and what books Jennifer read when she was a child. They even suggested titles for books for her to write!

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