Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Gargoyle Overhead flies into Chapters!

Philippa Dowding and her gargoyle puppet visited Chapters (Runnymede) in Toronto on Saturday May 22, 2010.

Philippa read from her books The Gargoyle in My Yard (2009) and The Gargoyle Overhead (2010), both published by Napoleon. Reading from her first book, Philippa gave the audience a taste of what it might be like to have a naughty 400-year-old gargoyle named Gargoth living in your backyard.

After giving clues from her second book, Philippa asked children and their parents to guess where Gargoth’s best friend, another gargoyle named Ambergine, was searching for him throughout Toronto.

Philippa signed lots of books, gave out plenty of bookmarks, and as usual was happy to share her gargoyle puppet with fans!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Gargoyle Overhead takes flight!

Philippa Dowding launched her new children’s book, "The Gargoyle Overhead" at the Bloor/Gladstone Library on Saturday, May 8th. A full house of nearly eighty people, both children and adults, listened attentively as she read about Gargoth the gargoyle’s first (unfortunate) meeting with a human boy named Philip, 400 years ago.

A lively question and answer period followed, in which Philippa got to explain what it was like to write a sequel, and that no, as far as she knew, gargoyles did not ride dinosaurs!

Lots of books were sold and signed, and a good time was had by everyone in attendance. Thanks to Emma Dolan of Napoleon for playing bookseller for the day.