Friday, February 18, 2011


From the latest "Resource Links" magazine, a highly respected chldren's review organ, which gave the novel an "E" for excellent!

"What makes this book so appealing is not the reasonably strong plot but the very fresh new voice of the author. With strong witty characterizations, this is an utterly believable teen adventure that is often truly laugh out loud funny as Zoe deals with all the usual teenage conniptions and the bizarre predicaments she finds herself in. Complementing the whole story line in the best irritating sibling in fiction to be encountered in a long while. Zoe's younger brother Dylan (Dillie-Billie) creates some of the best hi-jinks ever to annoy his sister and the reader gets to enjoy every diabolical moment.

While True Colours is essentially a book which will to appeal to teen girls, with its snappy dialogue, teen boys could be dragged along for the ride and enjoy themselves. With its positive but realistic portrayal of today’s teenagers, smart talk and a very believable story line, True Colours is crying out for a screenplay. Think "Easy A"!"